Badgie serves as a lead or potential customer generator, surpassing the effectiveness of a social media advertisement.


Monetize your sports activities almost effortlessly.

Recognize your students' achievements with badges and let them, along with their families, handle recommending your club to their friends.


Badges are shared over twelve times on average

BADGIE rivals the effectiveness of social networks, but there's no comparison in the value of the post and the effort it demands.

On social networks, you invest time, creativity, and graphics, whereas BADGIE only requires a single click to generate a message of significantly greater value.

Moreover, social media posts are generic, while BADGIE badges are personal. That's why the engagement ratio is over ten times higher than an Instagram post.

Your students and their families deliver the most compelling sales pitch.

The virality is entirely organic: your students and their families will naturally share their sports achievements with others.

And each time they share one of your badges, they proudly represent your club.

Create your call to action button

Every shared badge includes a call-to-action button, enticing new potential customers to your club.

You'll effortlessly generate campaigns to attract new students.

Native lead generator.

If you've ever run a potential customer acquisition campaign, you know you need an agency to design the ad, a good budget and set up each campaign.

BADGIE selects the perfect target audience for you (friends of the same age as your students) and the perfect ad: 'Join my club and improve with me'.