You know how hard it is to receive a review on Google. With BADGIE, feedback is constant and very dynamic.


Multidirectional feedback.

From your students to their teachers, from parents to your school, and from teachers to their students. Constant and fast.


BADGIE's feedback will give you excellence.

At the end of each class, your students can rate their teacher with just one click. Your teachers reward them with their badges (the best possible feedback), and finally, families can rate your sports club periodically.

BADGIE's feedback occurs naturally and continuously.

In less than a month from the moment you start delivering badges, you will have a clear picture of how your sports club is performing and know how to improve the service you provide to your members.

Your students proactively evaluate the classes and their teachers.

Your students will discover a remarkably user-friendly system.

Following each class, they can rate their teachers, providing valuable insight into the performance of different groups within your school or sports club.

​​Their families will rate your school through Badgie.

To consolidate all aspects of our dynamic feedback formula, we consistently encourage families to rate your school and their children's classes.

This is a badge of honor you and your team can proudly showcase.

Your students receive their feedback in the form of a sports badge.

And, of course, the most crucial of all BADGIE's feedback processes: the sports badges.

Your students receive certified feedback from your school, tailored to their effort.

Clever, isn't it?