A super easy-to-use dashboard will give you a quick overview of how your school is performing.

A surprising backend.

Review your groups, add students, check their individual progress, and communicate with teachers and families with amazing ease.


Get an overview and edit effortlessly.

We've crafted an intuitive and visually appealing control panel to streamline club management.

With your school's account, you'll have full control over your groups (create, edit, delete), teachers, students, and their families.

Track the progress of each class and individual student seamlessly. Our badge achievement scale enables smooth group changes without causing frustration for students or teachers.

Moreover, BADGIE's core functionality simplifies communication with your staff and students.

Access your group, review your students, and edit them collectively or individually.

Quick and highly visual access to your club's account on BADGIE will allow you to see all the groups in your school, the students in each class, and their respective teachers.

Effortlessly navigate your club's account on BADGIE to instantly view all school groups, individual students in each class, and their assigned teachers. This streamlined access alone will significantly reduce your management workload.

Send WhatsApp messages to all your students at once to give them instructions.

At the heart of our system lies the feature for sending WhatsApp messages.

Use our 'Welcome Pack' button to send tailored instructions for today's activity (e.g., 'Gather at the green flags to the right of the surf camp'), or easily distribute badges individually or to groups.

Check attendance graphs, responses, and much more.

As your club integrates with BADGIE, you'll appreciate the growing insight into progress metrics, attendance, and incidents for each class.

Furthermore, our dashboard provides visibility into badge opening rates, shares, and the status of new leads.

Stay informed and address issues promptly with all the information you need at your fingertips.