The core functionality of Badgie lies in its ability to track your students' effort.


Students more 'in love' with your club.

For both their families and your students, seeing their progress, effort, and skills will allow you to build stronger loyalty.


Being a BADGIE school is a big deal.

Indeed, if your students engage in other sports, their Badgie account will showcase their progress, fostering pride in the clubs they're part of.

This sense of accomplishment will deepen their connection to your club and the sports they're learning.

The process of collecting medals will inspire them to enhance their skills and make the most of every class in your clubs.

Badges that explain what they've learned.

Set up your achievement scale based on age and skills, then easily distribute badges with a single click.

Your teachers will be responsible for awarding new badges at the end of each class upon completing each block.

Each badge indicates the level, sports discipline, skill, and your club's name.

Badgie will motivate your students.

BADGIE provides an additional incentive for students to excel, improve, and aim higher.

Your teachers will quickly observe the positive impact of BADGIE, motivating students to exert more effort in every new class.

It's not just for them, it's also for their friends.

Your students and their parents will naturally share their achievements with friends and family, almost effortlessly.

This showcases the viral aspect of our platform, with each badge being shared an average of 12 times. Quite impressive, isn't it?“