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πŸ“† Manage your sports school classes, coordinate teachers and students. Send Digital Welcome Packs to mobile.

πŸ… Deliver Digital Badges and Medals Motivate your students. Encourage their learning. Share them on social media.

πŸ€– Manage Athletes with Artificial Intelligence Create sports resumes. Evaluate the progress of your students. Powered by GPT.

✏️ Receive Instant Feedback and Reviews. Know the true opinion of your students and clients. Evaluate your club and staff.


The best schools and clubs already use Badgie in their sports programs

Stimulate Achievement. Retain Your Customers.

Badgie is the only 100% cloud-based platform that allows managing operational needs of a club or sports school in a single program. Modern design and an unbeatable reservation experience. For any sport, anywhere.

Revolutionize Your Sport

Turn the experience of learning and improving into something memorable. Athletes will want to achieve each badge to complete their training.

Spectacular Sports Badges

Our digital badges can be shared on social networks and in the students' resumes, giving greater visibility and credibility to your school.

Complete Customization

At Badgie, you can create and deliver your digital badges in a fun way. Each teacher can send them automatically by email, message, QR with one click.

Students and Athletes

Create your own badge board and share it with your friends and networks. For athletes and competitors, it's their way to create an officially verified 'Sports Resume'.

Sports CRM for Schools

Get to know your customers better. Keep frequent contact through our platform. Encourage them to keep learning with you. We give you the marketing tools.

Team Management

Easily manage your teams and players, and track their achievements and progress.

Data Analysis

Gain valuable insights into the performance of your teams and players to improve their performance and motivation.

Create Unique and Special Badges for your Students. Send them via Whatsapp, SMS and Email.

Generate memorable memories for your students every time they achieve a new milestone. Deliver a digital badge along with all the data, photos, and videos of that special moment. It will be unforgettable and perfect for sharing on social networks.

πŸ… Mobile Demo!

πŸ€– Manage Your Athletes and Students with Artificial Intelligence

Create a sports resume for each of your students for every age, every sport modality, and every level of sport.

Our Artificial Intelligence will help your coaches and teachers to evaluate the progress of your students and athletes. Share it with parents and athletes.

See a Sports Certificate with ✨ AI

A Simply Spectacular Control Panel for Schools and Clubs

Badgie is surprisingly easy to use, and it will help you bring order to the management of your school or club from day one.

Forget about having loose excel sheets and notes, badgie will be your daily management platform for managing students, teachers, and marketing.

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Collect Badges on Your Profile. Share Them with Friends.

As a student and athlete, turn your badge collection into your own wall of success. A digital place to stick and organize each badge and medal and make unforgettable memories endure.

Feel the pride of belonging, and share it with your friends and networks.

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An Easy-to-Use Platform, with Prices Adapted to Your Size

Our goal is to complement your current athlete recognition systems. Whether on paper, trophies, or badges, badgie is the ideal complement to create a memorable experience among your athletes and students.


The best option to try our platform.

Free3 months
  • 5 Badges / Medals
  • 1 Course / Track / Event
  • School Users: 1 administrator
  • Teachers: 5 teachers
  • Students / Athletes: Up to 100
  • Trial Time: 6 months
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Sports Schools

The perfect pack to grow your school and retain customers and students.

From €49/month
  • 20 Different Badges / Medals
  • 5 different courses / Tracks
  • School Users: 5 admin users
  • Teachers: 5 teachers
  • Students / Athletes: up to 100
  • School Marketing: Advanced
Free Registration

Federations and Clubs

Plans adapted to the needs of large customers. Stand out from the rest.

  • Custom Configuration
  • No installation costs
  • Platform: 100% cloud
  • Integration: Customized
  • Training: customized courses
  • Team Leader: 365 days/year
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With Badgie, the Spanish Ski School has taken a very important leap in digitalization and ski teaching. The students finish their courses very happy, with an unforgettable memory and more eager than ever to continue trusting our school.

Jaime D.
Partner of the Spanish Ski School

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